Registration 2019 (My Garden Contribution)

Re-registrations until 1 March 2019 only‼️

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The re-registration has been moved from the Google FOrm to ou rown platform. Please provide a passwort so that you can edit your data should you need to. You will also in the near future be able to use this platform to look at protocols of meetings, communication and more!

Gardening in the Gemeinschaftsgarten Allmende-Kontor e.V. also means for everyone:

  • 😻 Filling up the water tanks and taking part in the compost-making
  • 😻 Waste and rubbish disposal
  • 😻 Please, join us for our weekly garden meetings (May until September
  • 😻 Friendly cooperation and commitment to the garden

Please note: For registration the new data protection regulations have to be accepted (see below)!

This form is relevant only for gardeners who whish to RE-REGISTER and have already been activ in the garden in 2019!
For new gardeners we have special information days in April/May! Please look up our website for details and dates!
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Are you gardening as a group?
=> Every member must register separately!
=> Please send this link to everybody in the group: 🙏

This is important: should you leave the group and none of your co-gardeners register we cannot guarantee that they will get to keep the parcel in the following year

Please transfer the garden fee until March 1 2020 onto the following account:

Kontoinhaber / Account holder: Gemeinschaftsgarten Allmende-Kontor e.V.
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE64 4306 0967 1144 7473 00

Purpose: Garden fee 2019, Your Name, Colour group and garden number

Garden fee *

Who is paying?
Are you paying yourself or is omeone else from the group? *
By submitting this form i agrre to having read and approved of the Data Privacy Agreement (in german) .
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